Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Soy Sauce Eggs

I am just in love with theKitchn lately!  They posted a link to this recipe  last week for Shoyu Tamago (soy sauce eggs) and I have been waiting to make it since.

I won’t re-post the recipe, just follow the link above to get the specifics, but it basically boils down to (haha, egg jokes!) rolling hardboiled eggs in a syrupy reduction of soy sauce.

Here they are, pretty and plain.

Reduce your soy sauce a little and then roll the eggs in it. I happened to use my pan that makes the WORST noise when you shake it, so I opted to use a wooden spoon to roll the eggs.  I think it worked just fine.

And… well, don’t let their ragged appearance fool you.  They look a little rough and you can see where I let the soy sauce caramelize a little and that stuck to the eggs in unappetizing clumps.  But the taste was great!  They were less salty than I expected/ was worried about.  Kyle hates soy sauce and he liked these too.  Maybe by reducing the soy sauce you can pick up more of the flavors that I generally miss due to the sodium levels?  At any rate, these tasted wonderful and I am sure to make them again for a fast and easy unique dish.

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  1. These don't transport nearly as well as they do with the shells on