Tuesday, September 18, 2012

5 Year Anniversary, in a nutshell

Good Morning on this rainy, dreary day!

No recipe today, instead a light recap of our wonderful anniversary dinner.  We went to Chez Jacqueline and had a superb time!  We started the evening, after I got out of work, by going to Marie’s Crisis for a drink.  Marie’s is where Kyle and I met 5 years ago and although we were there too early for any singing, it was nice to have a quiet drink and talk with some regulars.  Then, off to Cornelia Street Café for our friend John McWhorter’s “NewFaces of 2012”.  This hour long performance featured many of our friends singing Cole Porter songs that, for one reason or another, never became mainstream tunes.  It was a delightful collection of songs and Kyle and I each had an equally superb martini while we listened.  After sticking around for a few minutes to catch up with people and take a photo we were off to the next stop, dinner!  Our reservation was for 8:30 and we arrived right on time and fairly hungry.

Chez Jacqueline has such a cute atmosphere, we really felt like we were back in France in a brasserie.  The family style seating and rough country style table tops really enhanced the experience and the crunchy fresh bread was unreal.  I know it’s taboo, and that’s it’s not really French, but I had the French Onion Soup as my appetizer and it was one of the best versions I have ever had.  The broth was so deep and rich it blew any diner versions right out of the water.  Kyle and I each had a steak with green peppercorn sauce and frites for our entrée.  Neither of us was wowed by this, the sauce was good but the steak itself was little disappointing.  The full bottle of pinot noir we were drinking helped, though.  After a crème brûlée for Kyle and the dessert du jour for me (a peach flavored sort of whipped cream… of course I can’t for the life of me remember what it was called) along with an espresso and cappuccino, we had dined sufficiently and were ready to head out.

It was a lovely night together, and I managed to snap one photo as we headed out into the refreshing September air to head home.

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