Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Croton Aqueduct Bike Trip!

Go take a bike ride!  That’s my advice.  As I told you about here, this past Saturday Kyle and I planned a mini-trip to the Croton Aqueduct using MetroNorth’s Westchester Trails BikeRental.  We had so much fun!

Since food is always front and foremost on my mind, I’ll share what we packed.  In addition to two nalgenes full of water, we brought some rolls, baby carrots, plums, manchego cheese and my new favorite version of salami, wine cured with hazelnuts!  Into our backpack this went and we were off to Grand Central Station where we bought our package deals and hopped on the train.

Of course, as soon as we arrived at Dobb’s Ferry, it started to pour.  We huddled in the public library for awhile, got a coffee in a local café and I even got my hair cut at a barber shop!  This all killed about an hour, and literally as my hair cut was ending the sun came through and the skies turned a bright blue.  To the bike shop!  Endless TrailBikeworks was so nice, they took our vouchers with no problems and even offered to give them back if it started to rain again so we could use them on a sunnier day.  As it happened, the sun stayed out all day and we certainly feel like we got our money’s worth.

I won’t go into too much depth, but the trail is beautiful and very easy to ride.  We had to skirt a few puddles, but assuming you went on a day without a monsoon, you barely need to look where you are headed and can enjoy the beautiful scenery.  You can even see a castle which was so gorgeous and would be a good spot for a picnic.  The old conservatory is neat too; you can barely see me here waving from in front of it.

After about 14 miles we were pretty pooped so we bid adieu to Dobb’s Ferry and headed home.  Even if you are not a bike person, I’d urge you to at least walk this trail, it’s gorgeous and many joggers were on it as well as families out with strollers and dogs.

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