Friday, September 16, 2011

friday morning thoughts

Good morning sugar buns!

Well, the weatherman didn’t lie, it is MUCH cooler than it was yesterday. It was 51 when Kyle and I went to the gym this morning (5:25 AM, I don’t want to talk about it). Brrr! Can’t say I am sad to see the sticky humidity leave, though. I got my fill of warm summer days this year. It’s also nice to not need the AC when we sleep, having the windows open and feeling the cool breeze is lovely.

Weather, how fascinating.

MOVING ON! Tonight we are going to see Jeffery Self’s new show, Self Indulgence, with our friend Susan. I am so excited! Jeffery is a talented performer and is a very sort of live in the moment, experience your surroundings, be PRESENT type of person. I say, as though I know him. I don’t. But I read his blog. Which is also where I stumbled upon the word nascent, and love it. It’s a great way to describe a burgeoning passion, like my thoughts on cooking. And a person as a whole as they go through a metamorphosis. Shedding who they were to come into existence as who’ll they’ll be. (thoughts, deep thoughts). Kyle and I saw Jeffery when he did “People I Slept with Who Never Called Me Back” a few years ago and I’ve followed him since. I just admire that he follows his dreams and takes risks to do it. Plus, he has a boyfriend now and they are so obnoxiously (adorably) in love that it makes my heart squee with glee. Yes, squee with glee.

Anyway, is that creepy stalker-ish enough for now? I think so.

My sister is coming tomorrow morning to spend the weekend and run the Susan G. Komen 5K in Central Park on Sunday. Of course this means a Saturday morning brunch, so starting this weekend, I will finally have some food posts again! We go grocery shopping on Sunday nights, and this week I just happened to make meals without a camera, so I have nothing to show for it. Next week will be better!

So, that’s enough random word babble for the day. Have a happy Friday, check out Jeffery Self, go cheer on some runners this Sunday if you are near Central Park, or just make something delicious and send me the recipe.

à la prochaine!

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