Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Anniversary? Anniversary!

It’s hump day kittens!

It’s also Kyles and my 4 year anniversary. That sounds wrong but I think it’s correct? Not the years, I mean, the sentence structure. ANYWAY! Yes, love, romance and impromptu apartment dancing for four years. We are pretty lucky. Not to say it’s all peaches and cream (all I’m saying is, if you come home to a home cooked, multi-course meal, plop yourself on the couch and ask for a drink while you significant other is literally steaming sweat over all 4 lit burners, you should not be surprised when an orange is hurled at your head).

In order to not recreate THAT little scene, we opted to go somewhere this year where someone else prepares the 4 course meal for you and you can’t see any orange flinging that may or may not happen. We have reservations at 8:45 at L’Ecole and I am so excited! This is the restaurant of the French Culinary Institute (where my class will be and please note, as many people are confused, that I am taking one course, for amateurs, that gives me no credit or diploma. Students who attend full time actually graduate with something and are off to work in kitchens) and we opted for the student menu versus the professional menu. We’ll be splurging and doing the wine pairing as well. I. CAN’T. WAIT.

In strange news: Last night I was running along the East River, over the 103’rd street pedestrian bridge to Randall’s Island and then back. On my return route, just as I was passing 96th street (where there is an entrance to the FDR) a car took the corner and an iPad with a keyboard came flying either out of or off of the car and literally skidded to a stop at my feet. WEIRD! I felt like I was in a mob movie or something, like if I took it home I was going to end up being chased down the street and hiding. It would probably be a lot like Date Night, actually.

At an rate, I took it home. Kyle called Apple and gave them the ID number on the back, they called the lady who lost it, she was unaware it was missing, and now we are meeting tonight to return it to her. Why yes, you may call me G. Samaritan.

PHEW! What a long post. I’ll let you know how this drop off goes, but more importantly, how our dinner is tonight!

Adios amigos,

P.S. Happy Anniversary, Kyle. 4 years, 4 years! (sounds longer when you say it). You're still the bread to my butter, the cheese to my macaroni.

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  1. AWW Happy Anniversary to you two! wow, 4 years! Seems like just yesterday I was introduced to Little Kyle :)

    you are an amaaazing samaritan - she better pay you like $500 for that! I hope she offers an explanation as to WHY it came hurling out of a car! How can she not even realize that?

    That dinner sounds AH-mayzing! Holy cow can't wait to hear about it!