Friday, August 28, 2009


Hi Chickens,

I did not end up making that bread, Karl was supposed to meet a friend from school for dinner but she bailed so he came home and made dinner for me instead! Chipotle chicken and some sort of goya bean/ hot sauce concoction with a salad. I have been craving chipotle chicken since then. Last night we met Alya for drinks at Blockheads, I got the rice/beans and spinach plate which was good, not a delicious as usual. I also had two frozen margaritas and was incoherent by the time I got home (not really, but I swear the put roofies in those drinks).

Woke up with a minor headache but still proceeded to go to breakfast at Willie's (maybe?) on the corner of 90th and York, it was delicious! I don;t know why, but it is impossible to get good fried potatoes in NYC at a brunch place. This was no exception, but the eggs and coffee were tasty.

Now I am at work, calling patients to remind them about their appointments on Tuesday. Ininofitself, this is not a difficult task, but as our number is blocked, people answer the phone with such hostility that it gets old fast. They all expect a telemarketer to be there, and it is worse when I can only say "I am calling from George Wart's Office" when they demand to know who I am. For HIP AA privacy reasons, I can;t say I am calling from a Dr's office unless I have the patient themselves on the phone. Oh it is just all sorts of irritating.

But! My old next door neighboor from Astoria, Bruno, is coming to see our apartment tonight! We moved in in May and he has not been over yet, so that will be fun, we might grab a few drinks too! I wish this tropical storm Danny business would cool it and actually let the weekend be nice though.

20 minutes until my lunch break, yay! I probably won't update over the weekend, as we have no internet in our place yet, but I will keep you informed of all my weekend happenings.

Tentative plans:
See "The September Issue"!
Check out the Museum of Natural History (I just found out Karl has never seen the dinosaur part)
Hide away from the dark and rainy world with a bottle of red wine, that bread I mentioned the other day, and "Love in the Time of Cholera" which I need to finish by my 9/10 book club meeting.

Lots to do chickens, lots to do!

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