Monday, August 30, 2010

I'mmmmm BACK!

So obviously I sort of dropped off the earth a little.. but I am ok!

It’s been a crazy summer, we’ve had a wedding, three engagement parties, two separate weekends of siblings visiting, a bachelorette party, a week of camping and multiple trips to the Cape and Nantucket! I can’t even believe it’s practically September. Not to mention we have a wedding to go to this weekend , a weekend off and then our final wedding of the year, crazy!

In other news, did I mention we joined the 88th Street CSA this summer? The amount of fresh, locally grown, organic vegetables we have had is just astounding. It certainly made me try veggies I would otherwise avoid (looking at you, summer squash and zucchini) and look for new ways to incorporate vegetables into our meals. I will try to incorporate photos and links into this blog, once I am a little more confident and comfortable using this site.

We are going for a run tonight along the East River, we start in Cark Schurz Park and run right along the water, it’s rather nice! Hopefully I’ll be back tomorrow, slowly but surely getting more background and ‘my story’ up here.

That’s all,

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